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Get answers to your burning business questions from behind some of the biggest offers and biggest stages in the industry: Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, Jeff Walker, Pedro Adao, Stu McLaren, Ryan Levesque, Mary Morrissey, Jamie Kern Lima, Gabby Bernstein, Shanda Sumpter, and more….

Bari Baumgardner


And now I walk alongside coaches, course creators, authors, speakers and influencers JUST LIKE YOU and show you how to leverage the power of your own virtual event. This model is infinitely scalable — and in truth, works for virtual and in person….It’s just that virtual is so much more launch-able, so much more quickly, so much more easily!!! And, virtual events have infinitely more global reach (especially in today’s economy).

Truth is, your right fit client needs you NOW more than ever, and I believe that it’s never been easier to get them in front of your offer. I’m here to change the world one event at a time, and that starts with YOU.

If you feel the call as clearly as I do, you know that the time is now. So go ahead, ask me anything! Let’s get you started on the path to your very own purpose driven payday.

What others are saying about bari

Thank you Bari. Each time I hear your passion and teaching on this topic, my clarity and confidence increases.
Lisa Elliott Duerre
That was such a great event full of great memories! Thank you for the inspiration and the model of how to do this with excellence.
Anne Stark Hummeldorf
Pulled off our first ever 2 day virtual convention with record attendance, global participation, and record fundraising for our non profit.

Bhuvnesh Khosla
Using the Bari and Blue pivot.. my mini ZoomZilla raised $60,000 in 20 minutes for Alzheimer respite care. 30 years of professional fundraising and only 10 years as an auctioneer, you guys opened the doors to new prosperity. Eternally grateful.
DeeDee Truesdal Kiesow
I attended the training last year and it lit a fire under me to try out virtual events. I decided to pivot from having to cancel most of my 3-day live events and retreats for 2020 to hosting my very first 3-day virtual event in June 2020. Since then, I've hosted 3 virtual 3-day events, served 150 attendees and generated $640,000 in sales.
Rosetta Thurman
Once in a lifetime event! I tell everybody who's striving to do virtual events about our experience with Blue and Bari, but I just can't do it justice when describing the experience.
George R. Williams Jr.
This conference was one of THE BEST investments ever. 
Concetta Green
Blue & Bari - You have shown me how to 'keep the lights on' during this time of uncertainty, stress and confusion.
Sabrina Teekah


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The Virtual Event on Virtual Events
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